Dispute Resolution & Litigation

Dispute Resolution
Sometimes commercial disagreement is unavoidable when running a business. For each of case, FUJILAW provides well-informed about alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiating a settlement or formal mediation. At the same time, we inform clients of their chances of success, potential and probable exposure to know which risks involved.
Where negotiation is deemed inappropriate, FUJILAW is here to help you fight your battle whether in front of the court or arbitration.
We feel honored that our clients have placed in our skills because of:

Our experience in handling complex matters;
Our efforts of diligence and attention to detail;
Resolving the matter in a manner most favorable to clients.

Moreover, FUJILAW understand how litigation can impact to clients, thus we always strive to provide the best representation depending on situations.
FUJILAW’s recent high-profile cases including:

Trial experience in connection with labor/employment;
FUJILAW represented a Contractor in a lawsuit which was claimed by investor relating to construction agreement. The court granted our client to win with the amount of 3,5 billion dong;
FUJILAW represented plaintiff and sued one party who did not fulfill their payment obligation according to purchase of iron. After a long trial, FUJILAW ultimately collected 11,5 billion dong for our client;
Our attorney represented plaintiff and collected successfully a debt of 17,5 billion dong through trial;
Successful prosecution of actions on behalf of investor in dispute of share purchase which was claimed by company house of share. The dispute had value of 3,5 billion dong;
Acting in significant litigation of trade mark and unfair competition.



Please see the link below: http://fujilaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Court-proceeding-in-Vietnam-Eng-28.7.14.pdf