Investment & Corporate Establishment


Being aware of the legal risks affecting the sustainable development in business, enterprises always pay attention to compliance with the law.

FUJILAW offers the most comprehensive and affordable consulting on all matters related to:

  • Internal management, including: charter, management regulations, meeting minutes and resolutions of the corporate;
  • And business activities, commercial transactions in general.

On the basis of business line and scale of each business, as well as basing on the pratical situation, we will offer the most appropriate, cost-effective solutions to protect and minimize the risk of the corporate.

Therefore, FUJILAW has long been trusted by customers such as:

  • Yicheng Logistics LTD.;
  • Tran Thinh Commercial – Service LTD.;
  • Purenic Vietnam;
  • Service Company To Foreign Missions;
  • GA Consultants;
  • Es Networks.